At Retirement and Investment Planning

Mr L had recently retired early.

He had a whole range of investments which he had built up over the years with Co-op, Barclays and others. Additionally, he had a number of different types of pension plans which he wanted to consider.

He hadn’t had advice before and was a little apprehensive about the costs v the benefits.

He needed to make sure that he had enough income coming in now whilst having all options open in the future. If he needed to replace the car, fix the roof or go on a cruise, he wanted to ensure he had enough money.

He also wanted to have one eye on the possibility of needing care in the future. As a single man with no children his priority was to have a choice of care providers that would meet his standards rather than a choice limited to what could be afforded.

By looking at all of these needs while taking account of his attitude to risk, need for income and growth for the future, we were able to recommend and arrange a balanced portfolio of investments right for his needs now and adaptable enough to meet Mr L’S  future needs in as tax efficient way as possible.