Family Protection

Mr & Mrs L were buying their first house. They were completely new to the process and had never realised the extent of all of the things they needed to think about.

As a young couple, they were rather sceptical of the need for life cover with the mortgage. However, because of their age, the cost of life and critical illness cover was affordable. As we are independent, we were able to shop around for the best cover at the best price.

3 years later, the couple have a child and the following year Mrs L was diagnosed with cancer. As devastating as that was, they were able to completely repay their mortgage because Mrs L was able to claim on her critical illness policy.

Mrs L is recovering but having the mortgage repaid took away some of the financial pressure while she was unable to work.

Mrs Q had been a client of ours for a long time before her mother died leaving her a substantial amount of money.

Being married with small children, the family had a whole host of immediate priorities as well as a need to protect the future. The money allowed the family to move to a larger house, repay the mortgage and invest an amount to improve the family’s lifestyle now while building funds for the future.

Sadly, Mrs Q became poorly and had to stop work. The family had at least been advised to take out a critical illness insurance policy which paid out a lump sum. This meant that Mrs Q could reduce her working hours enabling her to better manage her illness.