May to fight a Vote of Confidence (or no confidence)

By 13th December 2018Banks Wealth News

Political and economic uncertainty hog the UK headlines

Will leavers get what they voted for by pushing for this vote?

There are some very determined politicians in Westminster who would like a Brexit on WTO terms but none seem to want to manage the situation. They are happier shouting from the side-lines.

The campaign prior to the vote in 2016 seemed to focus on the one hand ‘Project fear’ where the country would sink into economic oblivion and on the other hand ‘promises of Unicorns’ (a phrase favoured by journalist @mrjamesob ).

Given the problems the EU has had and the mistrust of many in its inner workings it is understandable that many people wanted a change.

Who voted for this though?

27 Countries would rather we didn’t have a referendum and rather we didn’t vote to leave their club. They are protecting their club and would not want to encourage others to follow suit. That might be a selfish standpoint and open to criticism but it is must be an understandable and logical position that they take?

It is not the case that the UK can simply decide what deal it wants and then demand it. The UK Conservative Party cannot even agree on this between themselves. Of course the Labour party are strengthened by the Tories weakness whilst not offering a viable alternative beyond ‘we would come at it from a different angle, we would be better negotiators’ ‘we are friendlier and the EU are more likely to come to our way of thinking.’

I cannot imagine that the simple solution is to replace the Prime Minister or even the Conservatives. If we are to leave the EU on the 29th of March how are we going to do it?

WTO terms? Whilst Johnson, Rees Mogg, and others might vote for that I am sure there is less enthusiasm for this than for the deal that May struck to much derision last week.

If anyone has the magic solution they haven’t announced it as far as I am concerned.

I will stand to be corrected though.

By the way, I voted remain and I no longer have a political party. I wish the whole process had never started and I cannot see a dignified way out.

The Theresa May deal does seem like a stalling option where we get not much of what the leavers wanted without any influence.

Whilst Project Fear has been over played, I certainly do not believe in promises of ‘Unicorns’ and I believe we will be economically worse off.

I think a second referendum would create some real problems. If we vote again to leave we are back to where we are now and if we vote to remain by a small margin the Leave Campaigners will be up in arms. (by the way, if the original vote had been narrowly the other way around I am sure UKIP and other Brexiteers would have remained as a staunch campaigners of a second referendum)

Steve Danson

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