Business Planning

Many business owners have substantial assets, but little time to manage it all in a holistic way.

We relish the role of optimising your hard-earned wealth with our financial advice for business owners, so that it delivers exactly the right balance of sound business finance and personal reward.

Our experts advise you on a spectrum of issues, including shareholder protection, implementing tax efficient incentives for your workers, extracting the highest profits for the shareholders at minimum cost to the company, and pension planning – including using your pension to acquire property.

In addition, we help you to develop exit and retirement strategies that allow you to realise the capital bound up in your business without paying a penny more tax than you have to.

At the core of our service is the belief that a forward-thinking strategic approach will best serve your commercial aims as well as your personal aspirations.

We have always been given clear and straight forward advice, a professional and friendly company who we have been happy to use for several years and are happy to recommend.

Karen and Danny McAllister

Mr Danson has always provided first class advice and service and has virtually become a friend. I am unable to speak too highly of him.

Peter Ball

Very Friendly, well articulated, professional advice. Most Helpful and informative.
We've used Steve's services for many years now and we are enjoying in our retirement the fruits of his professionalism, advice and everyday common sense. We have no doubts about Steve's knowledge and sound advice and as such, he is now advising both our son and his family and our daughter and hers, we trust and respect him and as he has now added excellent staff to his team, as the song goes, things will only get better.

G&H Mitchell