Planning For Your Heirs

Inheritance tax is payable at the rate of 40% on taxable assets above the nil rate band of £325,000 (2018 figures for an individual)

This is often dubbed a voluntary tax. This is because timely, prior planning can often mitigate inheritance tax.

By looking in detail at your assets and your circumstances we can evaluate the potential tax liability which could be paid on your estate and talk to you about your potential options. We also offer a cash flow modelling service which can help estimate your future needs so that Inheritance tax planning can be achieved without impacting upon your lifestyle.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Tax, Trusts and Estate Planning and Cashflow Modelling.

My mum had used the services of Steve Danson and his company for 13 years before I did. Following my mum's death and being faced with many financial decisions which were scary and complex, and which I didn't understand,I didn't hesitate in getting in touch with Steve.

Michelle Williams

Liz and I are happy to acknowledge the excellent service you have afforded us over the previous 15 or so years. Your advice, considering each of our specific/individual requirements leading up to our early retirements has been greatly appreciated. In my case,with your assistance regarding retirement planning, enabled me to retire at aged 52!

Greg and Liz Roskell

Steve has been helping us with our financial affairs for approximately 7years. This has been since the time we retired and he has always maintained regular contact keeping us up to date on any relevant changes. We have always felt confident that our investments are well managed.

Pat and Tony Morton